Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Decor on a Budget : 10 Bright Ideas

Not all of us can afford all the bells and whistles of Christmas decor in our homes. However, that does not mean we can't knock our friends socks off with our own festive flare! I have compiled some creative, unique and budget-friendly holiday decor that I hope will pull anyone out of the low-budget blues.

1//  Let's start with your front door! Wreaths are the traditional welcome sign for the holidays, but they can be pricey. Here is a gorgeous alternative: hanging pine cones. There are so many avenues in this craft. You can spray paint the pine cones, glitter them up or leave them in all their natural beauty. Or instead of using ribbon you could use fabric scraps, lace, trim, or burlap.

2//  Now, the tree. If you have a small hand-me-down freebie tree like me or you opted for a small tree this year to save some money, don't feel glum. Throw that tree on a table and give it new height. I have seen this so many places this year (on a side note, it's also a wonderful solution to getting toddlers to leave the ornaments alone)! Here is a prime example of how elegant this look can be.

3//  I am in love with this tree skirt tutorial from Teal and Lime. First, I love the ruched look. Second, they used a round table cloth! Do you know what this means? I will tell you. Hardly any sewing, tons of color/pattern options and minimal cost! I think this skirt only cost them $12. What?! I know.

4//  As far as ornaments are concerned, there are so many inexpensive tutorials out there. One that really caught my eye was ball ornaments made from Christmas cards (tutorial here). Just keep your stash from last year and you have free ornaments to hang just about anywhere.

5//  And for this years Christmas cards, punch a hole in them, string some ribbon and tie those babies on some garland! Or better yet, go through your old past Christmas pictures of your family (parents, when you were far back as you can find) and print. I think this would make a lovely mantel display too.

6//  I am really into bottle-brush trees. But recently I have discovered the magic of crepe paper. Behold:

7//  I used to dream of having a Christmas tree covered in vintage glass ornaments. Then I had children. So now, much like this example, my vintage ornaments are displayed in a beautiful container rather than on the tree. What is great about this idea is you can use containers and ornaments you already own. Or if you need to buy a box of ornaments it's still affordable. Try displaying ornaments in a glass cake plate too. Turn the lid upside down, fill with ornaments, place the plate on top of the lid and flip right side up.

8//  When I saw this picture I just about fell off my chair. Genius! And so simple to make yourself!

9//  This idea I particularly love because I live somewhere without snow. If you are dreaming of a white Christmas, like me, then hang some doilies up in the window!

10//  Throw some cupcake liners on string with some paper lace doilies, trim, lace fabric or whatever else you have lying around that can make a bow and voila! You have adorable groupings that can be hung anywhere!

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