Monday, June 6, 2011

Grand Opening: frances studio

Over the past weekend, frances vintage in Central Phoenix expanded. On the fifth anniversary of the original stores’ opening, they  launched a fabulous shoes and accessories boutique called frances studio. Rosemary and I decided that this was an event not to be missed so we made our trek over on Saturday to join in the celebration.

The storefront, with its signature frances black and white, and darling orange, metal bench, was to die for.

Inside the energy was booming. From the display tables to the bud vases hanging daintily above the register, there was no mistaking that even the tiniest of details did not go untended.

There were even tasty little morsels just inside the front entrance for your shopping enjoyment. We may have missed the PB&J cookies, but we got in on the lemon mini cuppycakes and I’ll say this; I wasn’t mad.

A personal purchase of black glitter TOMS later and I found myself reading an artist’s statement. What for you ask? The amazing art that adorned the east wall of the shop. Quilted, tin containers from the artist’s studio set the stage for the SEE GIRL RUN series, developed in 2002 by artist Janet de Berge Lange. The inspiration for the backdrop and phrasing, made of salvaged zinc letters from an old furniture store on Central Avenue, came from a loose reference to a “quilt code” during the era of the Underground Railroad for weary and fearful passengers. The piece is awe inspiring and a measly little cell phone picture does no type of justice to its beauty.

Make your way to the shop whenever you get a chance. Pick up a pretty little something for yourself or a friend. It will be worth every penny to support the local brick & mortar empire.

frances vintage, frances studio, & smeeks
10 W. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013

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