Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden Seeds // Storing Spring Bulbs

As the hot weather approaches, remember to dig up your spring bulbs and store them for next year.  Just as winters are too cold for bulbs in many parts of the country, Arizona summers are too hot for most spring bulbs.
Narcissus (top), Freesia below

I dug my Narcissus and Freesia out yesterday.  Wait until the leaves turn yellow, dig them out store in a dry place.   Wash off the dirt and dry in a single layer.  Store them in a place that is not in sunlight and between 60-65 degrees.  Avoid temperatures below 50 and above 75 degrees.  Be sure air can circulate around the bulbs and do not pile them on top of one another.  Too many layers will restrict air flow and generate heat, possibly causing decay. 

These flowers were just beautiful this spring!  It is extra work to dig out your bulbs but it is the right thing to do to ensure you will have them year after year.

For more information on bulb care, including a general description of bulbs, time of planting, depth of planting, mulching, fertilizing and moving instructions, read this excellent resource from AZ Master Gardener:

Happy Digging!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Organize Your Life // Pantry Envy

My husband is an Organizer. On a whim he'll tear apart a closet, spice cabinet, garage- whatever is driving him nuts at the moment and clean, purge, and reorganize until it meets his incredibly high standards. Some day it bugs the living daylights out of me, but most days I'm thankful to live with a clean freak instead of a slob.

Yesterday our Kitchen Pantry got torn apart and of course while he was doing the work, I was scouring Pinterest trying to find some fabulous pantry ideas to keep it organized a bit better. I found some gems, people.

Source: via Rosemary on Pinterest

Oh how I LOVE all those glass jars. I have some on my counters holding my flours and sugar, but I'd love a whole slew of them in my pantry. Would probably get a little pricey though, and might not be the best option for a house full of kids that like to sneak fruit snacks when I'm not in the kitchen.

The chalk labels on everything in this pantry are genius- and I really like the short, wide jars for flour & sugar. The little racks to add double storage for cans are great too.

When I clicked on this link, I spent an hour on this woman's blog- she has a TON of great, chic ideas for repurposing old bulk containers into display pieces for her pantry. And I love the idea of turning your pantry in to a "Corner Market" and displaying things in a way that make you want to use them, much like a store does. I have a couple of those apple baskets that I'm going to start using for my root vegetables!

Hanging baskets on the pantry wall is also perfect for holding root vegetables & fruit! Way better than just throwing the bags on the pantry floor- which is my current system of storage : /

AH! I just saw these storage cubbies at JoAnne's in the Home Decor section and wasn't sure what I would use them for- now I need to go back and snag a couple.

I'm obsessed with pegboards. I have one hanging in my bedroom for my "office space" and they are fantastic in a kitchen space. Maybe put some on the backs of the pantry door?

And last but not least, my all time favorite pantry makeover. That quatrefoil pattern on the walls? STENCILED people. I also want the vinyl labels on the jars, and the ikea containers for the pastas. I feel inspired now, and want to get to work on our dinky little pantry!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kitchen Revival // The Butter Dish

I know they make spreadable butter that sits in the fridge these days, but there is something charming and welcoming about butter on the table. Check out these to die for butter dishes!

via west elm
butter dish
via keith brymer jones
butter dish
via anthropologie
Spray Flowers Butter Dish
via cath kidston
Tea and Toast Butter Dish
via anthropologie
butter dish beehive
via beehouse tea pot
Banded Butter Dish from Pigeon Toe
via supermarket
Butter Dish.
via anthropologie
How have I been married 8 years and I still do not have a butter dish!!! I like these small butter dishes
via french presents

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

D.I.Y. Tutorials // Quilted Striped Throw Pillows

Last week I found an awesome tutorial on how to make Super Easy Throw Pillow Covers and whipped up some quick black linen ones for my couches in my living room {which I featured on my blog!}. 

They were so fun & easy and made such a difference in that room, that I realized I needed a few more accent pillows in that room and I found the perfect tutorial for some Quilted Striped Throw Pillows on the same blog, Sparkle Power

Today I'm going to JoAnne's armed with a 40% off coupon, and grab a couple 14" throw pillows, some cotton batting and some white cotton. I'll use the scrap black linen from my above pillows to piece together the pillow fronts- I can't wait to show off my finished product! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden Seeds // Cochineal Scales

Do your prickly pear or Indian fig look like mine?

If so, don't worry!  This white spotting on your cacti is actually an insect called the Cochineal Scale.   It hides under these white globs on your cactus.  Carefully scrape off some of the white, waxy mass and look closely.  You might find the cochineal scale.  It is a sucking insect that uses the white mass to protect the female who produces a red dye.  It looks like this:

These insects were used by humans for hundreds of years in the dyeing industry.  When Herman Cortes came to the New World in the early 1500s, he discovered this red dye and took it to Spain for trading purposes.  The dye was widely used for food, drinks, clothing, cosmetics and artists' paints until synthetic dyes became available in the 1850s.  It is also why the British army had red coats!

To treat this pest, simply power spray off the white globs with water.  If a pad is badly infested, cut off the entire pad at its joint.  Then spray the pads again with a mixture of 1/2 tsp of dish soap to one gallon on water.  While spraying, you will see the red dye.

I love these unique cacti and am thrilled for this simple and easy pest control solution!

Happy Spraying!

Sources: 50 Common Insects, Western National Parks Association, 2004; The Backyard Gardener, December, 2004.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Handmade Brilliance { Local } // Katie Jean Designs

I cannot get over the shear brilliance of Katie and her work! Her style is perfection! So glad we found her!!

1.Tell us about yourself. What brought you to now?
Growing up, my mom had taught me to sew, but that was about it. I never imagined it going anywhere. A few years back, my neighbor and I started sewing together and started a line of children's clothing on Etsy. As time went on we both developed our own adult lines, and it just took off from there! I had received a box of old lace and slips from my great Aunt, and crafted that into the first vintage Slipdress. My neighbor, Monique, also has a very successful Etsy shop, Ouma Clothing where she sells handmade special occasion clothing as well! We still live within a mile of one another and give each other inspiration from time to time. 

Reserved listing - deposit for Jennifer
2. Outside if creating, what do you do?
I love to go on "adventures" around the city with my two sons Caden and Clive, who are 5 and 3, and my husband Jonce. We love to have friends over for movies on the projector in our back yard. I also try to make time to hang out with my friends as much as possible. A few of them, including Monique, are fellow Etsy sellers, so we all have busy schedules, and try to make time for one another. 

Alisier Skirt - White Fabric with Red and Blue Mod Design - Made to Order
3. What is your secret to life? Any words to live by?
I know this sounds corny, but just stop making excuses for not doing the things you want to do, and go for it! If you keep coming up with reasons why you can't do something, you may never get the chance to do what you love. 

Vintage Inspired Lace Shift Dress - Various Fabrics - Made to Order

4. Where do you sell your creations?
Most of my sales are through Etsy, but I do get orders through my website as well. Although recently, I have set up some deals with boutiques across the nation, and even the world, who will be carrying a few of my pieces very shortly! Short Silk Wedding Dress - The Peony Dress - Made to Order

5. Give a shout-out to a handmade artist like yourself!
Monique, like I said earlier had a shop on Etsy named Ouma Clothing. Jenn from Mignonne Handmade makes gorgeous headpieces and jewelry and has done numerous photo shoots with me. If you are looking for an amazing photographer, check out Kym Ventola, who took most of the photos in my shop.  :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Treasure Hunting // East Valley Yard Sales

Happy Friday! Who's ready for some good deal scouting this weekend? Here's a list of some of the yard sales here in the valley that you're sure to find some great deals and some sweet treasures!

- 153 S Mesa Dr.
   Saturday, 4/21
   8 am - 4 pm

- 2517 E Hale St.
   Saturday, 4/21

- 1251 N. Terripin St.
   Saturday, 4/21

- 241 E. 6th St.
   Saturday, 4/21
   7 am

- 701 S. 93rd pl
   Saturday 4/21 & Sunday 4/22

- 7530 East Clovis Circle
   Friday 4/20 & Saturday 4/21

- 33 E. Elgin St.
   Friday 4/20 & Saturday 4/21

- 3439 East Orchid Lane
   Saturday 4/21
   7 am - 11 am

- 1814 E. Milky Way
   Saturday 4/20
   7 am - 12 pm

- 2692 East Palm Beach Drive
   Saturday 4/21
   7 am - 12 pm

- 502 W Barrow Dr.
   Saturday 4/21
   8 am - 12 pm

- 506 E Tonto Dr
  Saturday 4/21 & Sunday 4/22
  6 am - 10 am

- 1427 N. McAllister Ave.
   Friday 4/20 & Saturday 4/21

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Organize Your Life // Library gone stylish

Books. They can add up! And they are not always pretty. Turns out that if you have enough of them that may not matter so much in the big picture. Here is a compilation of how and where to store your personal library in your home and make it look amazing!

via habitually chic
via room galleries
via the design file
via lushee
Love this library/living room.
via flourish design and style
bohemian chic.
via skona hem
via masika wa
via little green notebook
Beautiful neutral shared room
via daffodil design
I think this is the best way for me to organize books.
Add caption
organize your books
via tudo junto e mistrurado
organize books by color...
via apartment therapy
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