Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Garden Seeds: Indoor Succulents

I am brand spanking new to gardening, so naturally I started looking for plants that were low-key and eas to maintain. Back in July, we gave away some mini succulents for our Make & Take at our Meet 'N' Greet and I had some extra mini pots left over. I had spray painted the pots platinum already, and had some burlap flags already made up, so this project was a piece of cake.

The fantastic thing about succulents is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Prickly, round, tall, pointy, spiky, non-spiky, smooth- the list is endless. Collect a whole bunch for a fun indoor display that only needs a smidgen of water each month. My very favorite is the Lola Succulent, which looks like a rose.

My Lola was $2 at Home Depot, and I've seen tons at Wal-mart, A & P, and you can even order some from our Handmade Brilliance guest, Succulent Designs.

The pots are $0.79 at Joannes, and you can make banners from anything extra you have. These would be adorable as place settings for Thanksgiving, no?

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