Monday, November 7, 2011

The Watson Abode: My Herb Garden

Welcome to the first Monday at My House! Here at The Watson Abode, we always have a home & garden project cooking up that we love sharing with our friends. Our house is forever a "work in progress" so it's nice to see the changes and transformations as they happen here. 

After the hello there! house event in October, I was completely inspired to get my garden going. Using Kelly's advice to "start small" I grabbed a bunch of terra cotta pots {sizes 6-10") and filled them with various herb transplants from the garden center at Wal-Mart and A & P nursery. After a few nervous weeks, they are all staying healthy and growing. Hip hip, hooray for my first garden project! 

I added some lovely little laminated flags to the pots to add a little of my design flair to my garden. I used some Rhonna Designs kits too {shout out to our sponsor!}- see the feature on my personal blog tomorrow!


Jamie said...

Aside from adding that extra pizzazz to your kitchen, it is also very practical to grow your own herb garden. My mother has had her herb garden for as long as I remember. There's nothing like harvesting fresh herbs from your kitchen and throwing them straight into your pan.

-Jamie Keifer

Jeremy Beauregard said...

Honestly, I prefer this kind of garden than the flower kind. I think I’m just more into things that I find useful and fruitful. Though, herbs aren’t as colorful, I think you can still create a distinctive landscape with just the right collection. :] -->Jeremy Beauregard

Shona Martinez said...

Those laminated flags are cute, huh! These are great! I also have some in my garden too. It's really important to help me remember what I planted; likewise, to remember where I planted it. :)

Shona Martinez

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