Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kitchen Revival // It's Zucchini Time!

Today was Gardening Day, and it's happened! We've found Zuchinni Treasures! I swear, out of nowhere these things popped up and are HUGE! I know they can get obscenely big, but man these are bigger than what you generally buy at the market, and there's lots more babies popping up all over the Zucchini Bed!

I had all my helpers out there wrangling the veggies, and of course when I told them we would be eating them, this is the face Landen made. That's his "disgusting" face if you were wondering.Little did they know that I would puree those suckers down and throw them into their most favorite food in the whole wide world- MUFFINS! I adapted Jaimee Rose's Zucchinni Bread Recipe into muffins (no nuts, my kids would freak) and they've literally been munching on them all day long. I can tell this is going to be a summer staple to both have a readily available meal, and to use up all those freaking zucchinnis we have exploding everywhere.

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