Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lesson Learned // Chair Refinish

In my kitchen I have the need for bar stools. Unfortunately for my style (modern/ contemporary/ industrial), bar stools can be pretty pricey. I shopped around everywhere and could not find anything that fit my budget - $10 a chair. Yes, I am cheap. One day in Goodwill I found a roughed up Franklin barstool for $4. It was the wrong color, but the height and design was right. At that price I could not pass it up. And I could paint it later.


During the a class on chair reupholstering at the home and garden event, there was a section on furniture painting. All the information came in handy to transform this mess into something fantastic. After taking the chair apart, cleaning, sanding, 2 coats of paint, and some polyurethane, I had a brand new chair. Honestly, without that information this project would have taken me a million years longer. And would not have been able to standup to my 3 year old and his friends.


A few weeks later I tracked down a white Franklin on Craigslist for $8. Now I have a set for less that $20. I feel like a winner.

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