Friday, September 9, 2011

Teacher Feature: Audrey Lasalle

Audrey is a freelance dreamer and Arizona native. She was raised, along with 6 siblings, on a U-Pick Produce farm in the tiny farming town of Wilcox, Arizona. Working from a young age on her family farm taught her all she needs to know about growing vegetables & flowers. Audrey has always had a passion for using ordinary space to grow beautiful flowers, plants and shrubs. Aside from being a single mom to 3 beautiful children; she is a musician and enjoys the outdoors, reading, lifting heavy weights, and smiling. She is excited to show fellow Phoenicians all the beautiful plants you can grow in this amazing state. You name it, she can grow it. 

Audrey will be teaching the Bloom In The Desert class; which is all about flower gardening in Arizona.

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