Friday, September 2, 2011

Teacher Feature: Fancy House Road

With their unique and individualistic senses of style- this Mother (Debs) and
her Daughters (Camberley, Keighley and Kiersten) came together in 2009 and
started their lifestyle blog, “Fancy House Road”. They wanted to share with the
world three things: how they create, relate and decorate.

Debs, a mother of 8 and grandmother to almost 13, recently traded in her work
as a décor store owner, Bella Fine’ Décor, for commercial interior design. Her life
has always focused on creating beautiful things including her children, her homes
as well as parties and events.

Camberley, our mother to be, currently runs her own social media marketing
company, e-social strategies. Her free time is spent in becoming a master chef,
crafting and mid-century modern decorating.

Keighley, an obsessive dog lover, is a women of all trades. she earned a degree
in European history, she works for debs interior design company and is now
assisting Cami with social media. She loves books and all things old.

Kiersten, the newlywed, has a passion for fashion, loves everything equestrian
and is working on creating her newly married life-style on a budget. She is
currently working on her college degree, majoring in marketing.

The ladies of Fancy House Road will be teaching our Bold Not Beige class; all about discovering your own color styles and incorporating them into your home. Learn more about the Fancy House girls on their blog, Fancy House Road.

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