Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vendor Spotlight Weekend: Adornment

With only 12 days away from the Big Event, we're highlighting all our Boutique Market vendors this weekend! Woot woot! First up, Adornment {vintage in bloom}

Adornment is ran by the Lovely Lindsee

My name is Lindsee: creator, bookkeeper, happy wife, and mother of 2 year old twins. I guess you could say I am addicted to creating. After trying almost every craft out there, I have settled down and realized that I love fabric flowers because they are so versatile. I have put them on shirts, jackets, headbands, lamps, curtains, purses, etc. They can dress up or down outfits, add some color, and make my messy bun look like I put forth some kind of effort (best trick ever). I have been making and selling these blooms since 2003 and my designs keep evolving with the times.
My shop, Adornment, is where I mainly sell my items. All of my blooms are made with vintage materials, which is what makes Adornment unique. Each bloom is inspired and created from an extensive (and I mean, ex-ten-sive...) collection of vintage lace, fabrics, and jewelry making each one all it's own. I have made a conscious effort to keep my prices affordable. My standard is if I wouldn't pay it, then I won't charge it.
Adornment sells blooms and bows for women and the little gals. Recently, Adornment has added bow ties for the little guys to it's repertoire. Little boys need love too.

We can't wait to see what Lindsee has in store for us at the Boutique Market! 

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