Monday, October 3, 2011


Ya'll. hello there! house is on FRIDAY.

Everyone is scurrying around, prepping for their classes and we've had some last minute changes to deal with (doesn't that always seem to be the case with everything?)

We had one teacher have to bow out unexpectedly and another teacher having to be in her store due to an employee shortage, so we will be moving those classes to the beginning of the new year with our Monthly hello there! house classes {more on this development later!}

So due to these unforeseen changes we have shuffled things around a bit and come up with our new Event Schedule! This new schedule features more group classes for everyone to enjoy and participate in- so if you were dying to take a certain class but it was offered during the same time as another class you were dying to attend you are in luck!

If you are attending the event and have not chosen your classes yet, please visit to choose your classes!

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