Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inside hello there! house: Hello! Holidays Halloween




We shared all of these wonderful printables with our hello there! house guests, and now you all know where to find more! If you need more banner printouts to go across your whole mantle, or want to get the rest of the cone designs to give out as treat holders for neighbors, or if you wanted a specific label in your Hello! Holidays kits, hop on over to Rhonna Designs and grab one of these kits! 

These are so simple to do & look totally fabulous, just cut and hot glue on some Divine Twine! You can make them even fancier with some extra elements glued on or by printing them on fabric! I laminated my banners to hang outside my bay window!

Candy Cones:
We cut and hot glued to our hearts content- no tutorial needed! We hot glued some Divine Twine to the side of the Candy Cones and glued some of the extra elements onto the cones, and VOILA! lovely Candy Cones! 

There are more examples of fabulous Candy Cones on the Rhonna Designs Blog- I love the mini cones in a frame from Nancy

These are so versatile, they can be used for anything! We printed ours on full sheet label "sticker" paper so we can stick them on invitations, envelopes, jars full of candy, windows, anything you want to have some Halloween Cheer on! 

There you have it folks- some fast, fun, & cheap holiday decor that you can use forever and ever! Easy peasy Lemon Squeezy!

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