Friday, October 14, 2011

Inside hello there! house: Gardening Virgins with Kelly

Kelly's gardening class absolutely blew me away. I have been yearning to have a garden for the past 4 years since we moved back to Mesa from Queen Creek, but I was always so scared to start because I had no idea what I was doing. Kelly gave so much information about how to start vegetable gardening here in AZ.


 She made everything sound so fun, and really got the point across that gardening is a science. If something dies, you don't give up- you start over and change your variables and try something new until you make it work. Following directions is an important part of the process, but experimenting and observing is too.


 Here is her powerpoint, which I am so thankful we have because I couldn't record that much information in my mind.


 She was dishing out pearls of wisdom last weekend people, and she had some amazing handouts that I'm sure she'd share with anyone- just email her if you have any questions!

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Reachel Bagley, Fashion Consultant said...

I'm so glad you posted this. Can we get our chicken details too? I was so sad I couldn't be in two places at once.

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