Monday, October 10, 2011

We did it!

hello there! house home & garden event was absolutely amazing people! A big fat thank you goes out to the lovely Jessi, all our incredible contributors, our guests who devoted their weekend to come and learn what we're all about, and to all my family & friends who have been so supportive and encouraging over the last 6 months! Also thanks so much to our speakers, sponsors, boutique market vendors, and The Center Bistro for being such a huge part in our event. I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you. AND I must give a few more special shout outs to my dad {who believed in me enough to invest in my dream}, my Aunt Mellie &Uncle Sterling {who flew in from Utah to watch my 5 kids while we worked over the whole weekend}, my mom, bestest friend Kathie & sister Eryn {who have always rooted me on and given me advice and ideas}, and Braden {who was always there, even for things that made him uncomfortable- like public speaking!}. I have THE BEST family ya'll and I owe it all to them!

Over the next few months the blog & website will be going through all kinds of makeovers, upgrades, and such prepping for the upcoming New Year! On the blog we'll be starting regularly scheduled posting after our recap this week of all the classes!

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