Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tree Tour Stop 2: The Hill Family Tree 2011

I went to visit my parents last week. I knew they had set-up Christmas but I always forget how magical their Christmas tree always is. I could stare at this tree for days and study all the ornaments and details. This year they went red and white with an emphasis on peppermint candies. And can I just say I am falling more and more in love with flocked trees?!?

My mom does the collecting (this tree reflects many years of hunting and gathering) while my dad works his design skills (who knew Landscape Architects have to take art and interior design classes?). Not to discredit my mom--she could decorate a tree just as lovely, but for whatever reasons she always convinces my dad it's his job...or maybe he secretly likes doing it... I have my suspicions it just might be the latter.
What I love most about the tree is all the unique ornaments hanging around. Here are just a few:
 I love the two birds perched together:

 Twin candy cane babes!

 Sparkly snowmen is top hats!
  And the Mark Roberts tree topper! I had a picture of her from the side that blogger refused to work with, but if it would have uploaded you would have seen that her feet are kicked-up behind her with her red high heels and striped leggings. Just too cute!

Thanks, Mike and Terri for sharing your tree with us!!

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