Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Garden Seeds: The Gift of Seeds

With less than one week to go to Christmas, it’s crunch time for buying gifts. An easy one to buy and assemble is garden seeds. Here are some tips: Buy seeds that will grow in our climate. Phoenix is Zone 9. If you are buying for someone outside Phoenix, check their zone here:

 Bundle your seeds to create a theme garden. Try a salsa garden, ecological garden (attracts pollinators), sunflower variety, fragrant garden or a lettuce mix bed. If harvesting your own seeds, store them in a dry container. For a gift, package seeds in glass jars or fancy envelopes. No plastic bags! Seed viability decreases with time. Encourage your gift recipient to use their seeds within one to three years. Include a pot with your seeds. Tie a bow with twine for the finishing touch. Two of my favorite seed companies are: Botanical Interests: the artwork on these seed packets is gorgeous. Save the packets and use for art! These seeds can be found in local nurseries or online at

 Seeds of Change: everything grows from these seeds! This company has a beautiful catalog that will hook you on seeds forever. They also have a huge seed donation program for community gardens. Learn more at

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Unknown said...

Where is the best place to get garden seeds? I want to start a veggie garden.

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