Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Tree Tour Stop 3 : The Jones Family Tree

Hello! My name is Auburn and I LOVE all things fun and creative. One word that sums up my design style is "FUN". I want my home to feel happy... and happy to me means COLOR! So naturally my Christmas decor falls right into that same category. I am by no means a designer or an expert; I just know what I like and I go for it.

I don't really have any design rules. If it is something that I like, then its going on the tree! I think that is the greatest part about design... its so subjective, and its so up to you! What makes me happy, may not make another person happy- and thats ok!

I am a fan of collecting as you go. You don't have to purchase every box that comes in a certain line, or brand, of decorations... its ok to mix and match if you just fall in love with all sorts of different things. Believe it or not, the majority of my bigger ornaments are from Old Navy!

I guess the one major thing I keep in mind every year is my audience... aka two crazy little girls. So all the delicate ornaments stay at the top where little fingers can't reach them... and a few that I don't mind being spontaneously kissed or carried around the house, get the bottom row.

Oh, and I am not really a star person, so I like a clean glittered bow atop my tree... cause really, you can never have enough glitter!

 This is my attempt at a FUN tree... and it every time I look at it, it totally makes me happy! :)

Auburn also gave us a peek at her other Christmas decor and it is far too fabulous to not share:

What did I tell ya? Fabulous! Thank you, Auburn, for sharing your tree and amazing decor with us. Your tree makes us happy too!

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chelseahall said...

This is only a sneak peek into how fabulous my sister is. She is far too modest! She oozes creativity and you can't help but feel happy and cheerful while in her home. Thanks Lindsee for sharing all this fun!!

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