Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree Tour Stop 4: The Dunton Family Tree

I am so excited to share not one but TWO fantastic trees with you all today from one of our delightful readers, Megan Dunton! It is my dream to have a bunch of christmas trees in every room in the house, and Megan's are oh-so-stylish! 

First up is this adorable red & green Candy Tree that has a ton of giant oversized ornaments that I love. Megan says, 

"My red and white candy tree, one of the things you can't tell from the far away shot is that there is actual candy on some of the branches and a new addition this year are "Santa 'Staches" which are white chocolate lollipop moustaches I made that are just too funny!"

Seriously? Cutest thing I've ever seen! I totally want to snag this idea and give out white chocolate peppermint Santa Staches to everyone I meet! Darling idea! 

Here is some of her holiday decor that coordinates with her tree-such a simple & sweet centerpiece that packs a lot of punch. And her wrapping paper wall art? Brillant! 

In her kitchen she has another fabulous table centerpiece, this time with elegant, chic reindeer in more bold tones. And last, but not least......

My absolute FAVORITE tree- A forest themed pine complete with glitter deer, feathers, leopard ribbon, and ANTLERS. I am drooling over here, people. Such a unique and stylish way to celebrate the holiday season! Thanks so much for sharing with us Megan! 


Lindsee said...

Those mustache's are to die for!! I want and I need. Where do you find mustache molds??

Megan Dunton said...

Oh thank you so much! I am so honored to be featured here! The moustache molds are from Wilton, and they were $1.99 at Michaels for the mold and it does 3 moustaches. One bag of the white candy molds does ~15 moustache lollipops, so I would reccommend getting 5 molds so you can do them all at once.

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