Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree Tour Stop 5: The Clouse Family Tree

Today we are introducing a beautiful, fun tree that belongs to Denise Clouse. Her daughter, Auburn, is going to introduce us to this fantastic tree.

Hello again! My name is Auburn and I am pleased to share my mom's tree with you. First of all, my mom, Denise, has more talent in her pinky than I could ever dream of having. I learn more about decorating by watching my mom work then I could ever learn in any book. I was the lucky recruit that helped her put up Christmas this year, so I thought I would share some of the out.of.control cuteness!

My mom has (almost) ten grandkids that are at her house a lot. This year she decided to ditch most of the glass ornaments and switched almost entirely to the "shatter proof", aka plastic, ornaments. At first I was not sure if they would look as amazing as glass, but I can tell you... I AM A SHATTER PROOF FAN!!

Almost all the ornaments you see in these pics are plastic- and don't they look great?! No more worrying when all the grandkids are over! We dropped a good number- and not one broke. One was even dropped from the ceiling and it still looks amazing!

So.. you know that excuse that you can't decorate when you have kids?? Well, her house is totally kid proof!! And decked from top to bottom!

There are three things I love most about my moms tree. First, I love the assortment of reds and greens. I think its adds so much to the tree when things aren't "prefect"- it gives it some character! I love the lime, to the kelly, to the forest green assortment.

Secondly, I love the fabulous red bow topper. It is actually an outdoor giant bow from the Home Depot- and it is seriously even cuter in person!

Third, I LOVE her overall mix of old and new. Still the original stockings (from 1981!), skirt and several ornaments she made nearly 20 years ago. She still incororates the things she loves, regardless of whether or not they are still stylish, or even the same style.

This tree is certainly the center of attention in the family room, and it just makes you smile. You can't help but sing Christmas songs all day long when your tree looks this cute!!

And here is a bonus glimpse at some other festive decor in the Clouse home:


Thank you Denise and Auburn for sharing your festive tree with us!! Merry Christmas, indeed!

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