Tuesday, January 17, 2012

D.I.Y. Tutorials: Knockoff Anthro Scultped Mums Curtains

Happy Tuesday! I am freaking out right now about today's tutorial. Let me give you a back story: I have a Honeydo list a mile long for Braden to tackle, and last night he informed me that he "will not be doing ANY of those things until you {meaning me} sew a curtain for our laundry closet and make the dogs a bed". 

"Done." I said, with confidence. 

"Wait, and one more thing- you have to make decorations for the kids room" {which I admit is really barren compared to the babies nursery}

"You can't just keep adding to the list until I panic", said I. And he laughed maniacally. 

So, with that I started procrastinating immediately and didn't give those projects another thought until 2:00 pm this afternoon. Once I saw that he really meant business, and was not promptly trimming out my front windows, I ventured out grudgingly to Target for a tension rod. $11 later, I went over to Home Depot and picked up a 6' x 9' canvas drop cloth for $11. 

At 6:00 pm I began searching on Pinterest for the perfect shower curtain to copycat. And lo- this is what I stumbled upon:


And then to my delight I remembered this dahlia flower tutorial I had pinned ages ago and I knew that this was the one.

So here's the Tutorial for my Mums Curtains that now grace my laundry closet in the hallway. They took me an hour.

1) My space I needed to cover was about 54" wide and 84" high.  I bought a 6' x 9' drop cloth which gave me enough to make the curtain and have some fabric left over for the flowers.

2) I folded the dropcloth in half on the 6' side, snipped and ripped in half. I was left with two 3' x 9' pieces.

3) I folded the tops of the dropcloth over about 4" and pinned. I didn't double fold because the raw edge in the back wouldn't show. Dropcloths are already hemmed so I folded the side over that would make the front hem hidden. After this step you could iron and sew the side hem that is ripped, but I like the frayed hem look. It's more shabby chic that way.

4) I hung up the curtains, and snipped and ripped the bottom hem as well. Again, you can sew the bottom if you want a clean crisp look, but I did not. And VOILA! you have basic dropcloth curtains. Congrats. That's a pretty big accomplishment for 10 minutes of your life.

Now onto the flowers!

1) I wanted some big momma mums to put on the curtains, so I cut large 6" diameter circles out of black felt using chalk to mark and my flour jar lid as a guide. Feel free to go as large or small with your base.

2) After cutting out the circles, I moved on to making the petals out of the excess dropcloth I had. I cut 4" strips, which I then turned into 4" squares, then cut into petal shapes. I repeated this step with 3" strips, 2" strips, then 1" strips. Next, fold the petal shape together, hot glue down, and then hot glue to the black felt circle.

3) Once I had my Big Flower all finished, I just safety pinned it to my curtain for easy removal if my curtain needs to be washed. I have a feeling it will.

I just added one simple flower to my laundry closet curtains, but I'm thinking I may want to add more, I love it so much! Add as many or as few as you want to create your own textile work of art for your home!

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