Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Green Guide- Recycling Basics

I will be the first to admit that I am not the expert on anything eco-friendly. After scouring a bunch of green blogs and websites, I figured the best place to start is at Recycling. Recycling is something that everyone can do on a large or small scale right in their own homes without very much effort.

Each City's recycling initiatives are different. We live in Mesa, who's City Waste Management Department not only collects recyclables weekly from our bins, but holds various events such as Shred-a-thons for all that paper you've been hoarding to Hazardous Household Waste Collection. Be sure to check your local Waste Management Department's websites to find out their guidelines for recycling.

The easiest way to recycle in your own home is using the city recycling barrel. City of Mesa accepts all paper, cardboard, metal, glass, and plastics numbers 1-7. Just look on the bottom of the plastic containers and you will see a little triangle with arrows with a number in the center. Visit the Recycling Program page for a list of items not accepted in the blue barrels.

City of Mesa offers a 28 quart home recycling bins for FREE for all residents! Hurrah! Just stop by the Solid Waste Management Department at 730 N. Mesa Dr. in Mesa to pick one up.

If you live in an area that requires you to separate your recyclables, a simple organizer can make your task much easier.

There are so many other recycling programs that every city in the valley offers- visit their websites for more info. We'll be revisiting City programs next time on The Green Guide to learn about how to recycle green yard waste and what they offer for composting. 

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Lindsee said...

Seriously? A free bin? I am so going to pick one up. Now maybe my recycling won't pile up on my counter tops :)

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