Monday, January 9, 2012

Show & Tell: Our Chicken Run

Today for Show & Tell Monday, I'm sharing the beginning of our Chicken Coop we constructed during the weekend. Our coop is being done in three separate parts: the run, the coop, and the nesting boxes.

This weekend we completed the run, and it is as lovely as I could have hoped for . I had a few different coops I have been coveting that we used for inspiration, so we are planning on combining them to make the perfect coop for us. 

Source: via Rosemary on Pinterest

Braden used 2 x 4's to create the base of the run and we bought more heavy duty wire for our chicken wire so our 115 lb Rottweiler won't be able to kill another one of our ladies.

I think they are really happy with it- it looks a little small, but it's only half the size of what it will be. We'll be doing a raised floor with the run extending underneath the actual coop to give the hens more room, plus we already let them out to roam daily in the yard. Even when they fly over the fence to the front yard, they stay in our yard or under our neighbor's orange trees. I can't wait until we start getting some eggs {and adding more chicks to our flock}

We'd love to see some of your weekend projects-leave a link in the comments if you have something to share for Show & Tell!

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