Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kitchen Trends for 2012

I wanted to see what the new up and coming trends for this year's kitchens were, and I'm right on board with Trend Blogger's assessment. More than just what new gadgets are being sold and to put LED lights in your cabinets, these are general "movements" that you can incorporate as little or as much as you want into your own space!

Hi- Tech

From ovens to fridges to computers to tvs in the kitchen, technology is making it's mark in the place we prepare meals. HGTV's I Want That showcases all the latest gadgets and gizmos making their way into people's homes making our lives easier with cutting edge technology. If you're not in the market for high priced upgrades like this new gas cooktop, think about keeping your computer work station in the kitchen area, where people tend to gravitate the most.

The "trend" of green living has become a lifestyle choice that everyone can infuse into their life, whether you take small steps or take on entire renovations with earth-concious materials. Trendir Sustainable Home Building is an amazing blog showcasing amazing eco friendly construction options, like this kitchen from Niche Design, an Environmentally Smart Interior Design Group

By using materials "from responsibly managed forests, rapidly renewable resources such as bamboo, reclaimed materials and locally produced materials"{source} ; anyone can take the criteria used in this green design and apply to their own kitchen. 

Who doesn't love a little color in their kitchen? Some of my favorite kitchens I've seen on Pinterest are neutral kitchens with pops of bright, energy infusing colors.

Or you can go bold and splash your whole kitchen with your favorite hue.

Convenient, Multi-Functional
Having a kitchen that works as hard as you do is become an important commodity in design.

Putting a bookshelf as well as display shelves in the breakfast banquette as well as under seat storage maximizes this kitchen's functionality.

Having your tools that you use everyday, like pots, pans, spoons & knives readily accessible and visible make moving around the kitchen a breeze.

Open cabinet shelves and unique storage solutions are starting to pop up more and more. Use all kinds of vessels for taking your pantry to the next level.

Fresh & Healthy

Having wall to wall windows in this kitchen gives this space a green house solution for growing herbs and even vegetables right within reach of preparing the food

Last but not least, visit Style At Home to find out more about their 8 steps to designing a healthy kitchen:

1) More light
2) Neutral Palette
3) Use fresh fruit (& veggies or greens) as decor
4) Use glass vessels to double as decor & storage
5) Plant an indoor garden
6) Update appliances & cooking utensils
7) Collect new gadgets for easy fresh food preparation
8) Style the inside of your fridge & pantry

Those are the trends heating up kitchens this year- which one is your favorite? I'm definitely digging the Fresh & Healthy kitchen tips and the COLOR!

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