Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Watson Abode // Spring Garden Plan

I have been working diligently on my mother's garden since the new year began, and we have a great plan developed.

She had 6 beds that were falling apart, but were pretty easily repaired. We've been amending the dirt that has sit in the beds for over a decade with A & P Nursery's Harvest Supreme compost and Singh Farm's compost {which is rumored to be the elixir of fertility}. You can go down to the Farm on Saturdays and purchase the compost by the bag full which are HUGE and only $12, or by the truckbed load, which is $60. We've only done bags so far, but are planning to go with a truck load in a few weeks when we break ground on our corn patch and extra long bed.

We've done both the strawberry & tomato bed and the salsa bed so far; and the watermelon bed, cantelope bed, pumpkin bed, and cucumber bed are in the works. We've been following the urban farm planting calendar and trying to resist buying things that may not be ready to plant yet.

I'll be sure to share the progress once things start growing, but for now, I am so proud of what we've done, and so excited to see what it will all become!

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