Friday, February 17, 2012

Treasure Hunting // Phoenix Craigslist Finds

This weeks Treasure Hunt has been so fun! I hope some of you actually get to buy these items because my head is spinning with ideas and I want them to go to a good home!

First up is this industrial metal desk. The picture (if accurate) shows a cream color instead of the typical tan. Not to mention the top is either cream or metal (instead of faux wood) and the legs are all the way to the sides instead of centered. It's unique for a metal desk and would look great in an industrial office.
image 0
metal desk//$40
Next is this amazing, sleek, modern and functional hutch. I want to cover the insides with vintage wallpaper. To die for.
image 0
This side table caught my eye. I like the chunkiness and the different shapes.
image 0
side table//$10
These small antique rockers are so unique. If you have a small baby nursery this would take up much less space than a traditional rocker or glider.

image 0
small colonial rocker chair//$120
 Do I need to say anything about this dresser? Nope. It speaks for itself.
image 0
antique dresser//$195
 This pair of lamps comes with a pair of hideous shades, but I think if you replace those with some modern drum shades you have yourself some lamps with an anthropologie feel.
image 2
Pair of matching vintage lamps//$70
 Vintage vanity chair. So cute.
image 0
Vanity chair//$25
 This sofa is on wheels. I love the idea of that. There are so many possibilities with this piece. Paint, re-upholster, keep it like it is and add a collection of mismatched pillows in bright colors...
image 0
Sofa on wheels//$75
 I picture this chair reupholstered in a graphic pattern and painted a high gloss white. Yes.
image 0
Pair of Rattan Chairs//$60

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