Monday, February 20, 2012

Garden Seeds // February Herbs

I am a novice on growing herbs in Arizona, so I am starting a "herb corner" this month in my backyard.   My motto is always start small when you are trying something new in the garden!  I suggest trying new plants in pots so you can move them around to find a location that works best. 

According to the Arizona Herb Association, here are some good herbs to sow directly outside in the month of February:
  • Alfalfa, bee balm, borage, calendula, German chamomile, garlic chives, cilantro/coriander, cumin, dill, Florence fennel, scented geraniums, hollyhocks, hyssop, lamb's quarters, majoram, nasturtium, parsley, chaparral sage, Mexican bush sage, summer savory, sesame, thyme and yarrows.
If buying an herb plant from a nursery, choose from one of these to plant in February:
  • Aloe, bee balm, borage, German chamomile, chives, garlic chives, creosote bush, lemon grass, Mormon tea, oregano, French sorrel, sweet Annie, thyme and wormwood.
Water as needed and water deeply to encourage good root development. 

Here is my herb corner with two newly planted herb pots.  This is a door I found in an alley, added a shelf, spray painted and mounted on the wall.  The stepping stone is my daughter's hand print at age 2 (she's now 10). 

The Arizona Herb Association is a wonderful resource for herb gardeners.  I often refer to their herb guide:  The Low Desert Herb Gardening Handbook.  The book is organized by month and states exactly what herbs to plant, prune and harvest as well as other helpful hints.   The Herb Association meets the first Thursday of each month at 7pm at the University of Arizona Maricopa County Extension Office at 4341 E. Broadway in Phoenix.

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Johnny Williams said...

Thanks for this blog post. I am growing flower seeds right now and i have to say that's it's workout out splendidly.

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