Monday, February 27, 2012

Garden Seeds // Wildflower Delight

I am thoroughly enjoying the wildflowers that are in full bloom.   They are everywhere!  During a recent hike on the Wind Cave Trail in Usery Park, I was privy to poppies in their most natural state.  There are wildflowers in my neighborhood, transforming entire front yards into a sea of yellow and orange.  A small sampling of wildflowers in a raised bed adds a splash of color to our school garden. Take a look at their beauty:

Wildflowers are typically grown from seed sown in the fall (mid-Sept thru mid-Nov).  Rake in the seeds to loose soil to a depth of about an inch.  The more rainfall, the more prolific the flowers.  If in a landscape, water regularly to establish the seeds.  The most common ones include Mexican gold poppy, purple owl's clover, lupine and African daisies.

*Be sure to save your seeds if you have these in your garden!  If you are admiring them from afar, ask permission of a neighbor or landowner to harvest seeds.  Once the plant dries out, pull it out, bend the stalk or cut to the ground.  Shake the mature stalks into a paper bag.  Label your seeds, share with friends and store for next year. 

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