Monday, April 16, 2012

Garden Seeds // Attracting Hummingbirds in Your Garden

Each morning I stand at my kitchen window and watch a parade of hummingbirds visit my patio fountain.  Thirteen of the sixteen species of hummingbirds found in North America have been sited in Arizona according Ron Dinchak, author of "Southwestern Landscaping." (an excellent resource, BTW).

Hummingbirds are hard workers.  They hover like a helicopter while eating, drinking, bathing and feeding their young.  As a result of this continuous effort, they must obtain nectar from 1,000 - 2,000 flowers each day.  Wow!

I have filled my kitchen patio beds with the following plants that attract hummingbirds:  
Firecracker Penstemon, Penstemon Eatoni

Mexican Honeysuckle
    Penstemon Parryi

    Red Hibiscus

    They adore these plants and many more.  Pick from this list and create a themed garden for these wonderful birds in your yard:
    • Texas Mt. Laurel
    • Fairy Dusters
    • Baja Red Fairy Duster
    • Bottle Brush
    • Ocotillo
    • Chuparosa
    • Sage
    • Arizona Yellow Bell
    • Ruellia
    • Trumpet Vine
    • Century Plant
    • Aloe
    • Desert Bird of Paradise

    Happy Monday!

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