Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kitchen Revival // Take Out At Home

I woke up this morning with a major hankering for a burger & fries. I first considering McDonalds {gross, I know} then I thought maybe Red Robin sounded good, then I went to the Farmer's Market. I came home with a huge basket FULL of amazing produce. I realized I had all the makings of a delicious burger and fries, that I could make so much healthier than any take out burger around!

I found this yummy looking french fry recipe on Martha Stewart, which incorporated Italian flavors with the traditional savory french fry, but baked instead of fried and topped with some parmesan. Quite possible the best fries I've ever had. The best part is that you could easily switch up the flavors to compliment a different meal.

The burgers were my stand by Ranch Burgers (just pour in a packet of dry Ranch Dressing mix into your ground turkey or beef and form into patties) that I always make, but this time instead of buns I used a bunch of mini bagels that I toasted which gave the burgers a little extra tastiness. On top we used some Butter Lettuce, Vine Ripened Cherry Tomatoes, Grilled Vidalia Onions, Sauteed Mushrooms and some Pepper Jack Cheese, all purchased at the Superstition Ranch Farmers Market. Perfect mini burgers for a nice Wednesday night in.

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