Thursday, April 26, 2012

Organize Your Life // Pantry Envy

My husband is an Organizer. On a whim he'll tear apart a closet, spice cabinet, garage- whatever is driving him nuts at the moment and clean, purge, and reorganize until it meets his incredibly high standards. Some day it bugs the living daylights out of me, but most days I'm thankful to live with a clean freak instead of a slob.

Yesterday our Kitchen Pantry got torn apart and of course while he was doing the work, I was scouring Pinterest trying to find some fabulous pantry ideas to keep it organized a bit better. I found some gems, people.

Source: via Rosemary on Pinterest

Oh how I LOVE all those glass jars. I have some on my counters holding my flours and sugar, but I'd love a whole slew of them in my pantry. Would probably get a little pricey though, and might not be the best option for a house full of kids that like to sneak fruit snacks when I'm not in the kitchen.

The chalk labels on everything in this pantry are genius- and I really like the short, wide jars for flour & sugar. The little racks to add double storage for cans are great too.

When I clicked on this link, I spent an hour on this woman's blog- she has a TON of great, chic ideas for repurposing old bulk containers into display pieces for her pantry. And I love the idea of turning your pantry in to a "Corner Market" and displaying things in a way that make you want to use them, much like a store does. I have a couple of those apple baskets that I'm going to start using for my root vegetables!

Hanging baskets on the pantry wall is also perfect for holding root vegetables & fruit! Way better than just throwing the bags on the pantry floor- which is my current system of storage : /

AH! I just saw these storage cubbies at JoAnne's in the Home Decor section and wasn't sure what I would use them for- now I need to go back and snag a couple.

I'm obsessed with pegboards. I have one hanging in my bedroom for my "office space" and they are fantastic in a kitchen space. Maybe put some on the backs of the pantry door?

And last but not least, my all time favorite pantry makeover. That quatrefoil pattern on the walls? STENCILED people. I also want the vinyl labels on the jars, and the ikea containers for the pastas. I feel inspired now, and want to get to work on our dinky little pantry!

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