Tuesday, April 3, 2012

D.I.Y. Tutorials // Easter Books

These books were made as a hand-out at a party. We are so pleased at how cute they turned out! And what fun to add something that isn't a basket or eggs to your Easter decor!

ONE // Get some books. We found these Readers Digests at a thrift store for .25 each. Using painters tape (or duct tape) tape off the pages of the book as a whole. Spray paint the outside and edge of the books. Once paint is dry, remove the tape (carefully).
 TWO // Use the front of the book as a template to cut out a rectangle of decorative paper that will fit as the cover of your book. You only need to do decorate the book that will be on top of the stack. Mod Podge the paper onto the book. Don't stress too much about air bubbles and perfect straightness. The air bubbles help the book look aged and the paper that hangs over a bit will be taken care of later. Mod Podge your image onto the upper half of the book cover. Wait overnight for books to dry completely.

THREE // Once dry, sand the edges with sand paper. Then distress with distressing ink and some paper towel. Use little if any on the spine, you don't want the original title of the book to show through.
distressing ink
FOUR // Embellish! Glue on jewels, flowers, glitter...whatever you want!

FIVE // Make your tags. I used shipping tags that you can get at any office supply store for a reasonable price. I used a sponge brush and painted the bottom third of the tag with craft paint making sure each brush stroke was in the same direction. I allowed them to dry with something weighing the tag down so that the tag wouldn't curl up because of the moisture. Add "Bunny Tales" to the tag in your cutest hand writing. We also chose to add some glitter glue and distressing ink.

FIVE // Tie the books together using your material of choice and add the tag.

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