Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden Seeds // Storing Spring Bulbs

As the hot weather approaches, remember to dig up your spring bulbs and store them for next year.  Just as winters are too cold for bulbs in many parts of the country, Arizona summers are too hot for most spring bulbs.
Narcissus (top), Freesia below

I dug my Narcissus and Freesia out yesterday.  Wait until the leaves turn yellow, dig them out store in a dry place.   Wash off the dirt and dry in a single layer.  Store them in a place that is not in sunlight and between 60-65 degrees.  Avoid temperatures below 50 and above 75 degrees.  Be sure air can circulate around the bulbs and do not pile them on top of one another.  Too many layers will restrict air flow and generate heat, possibly causing decay. 

These flowers were just beautiful this spring!  It is extra work to dig out your bulbs but it is the right thing to do to ensure you will have them year after year.

For more information on bulb care, including a general description of bulbs, time of planting, depth of planting, mulching, fertilizing and moving instructions, read this excellent resource from AZ Master Gardener:

Happy Digging!

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