Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kitchen Revival // Popcorn-palooza

I'm so excited to announce that my best friend, Stacy Snyder of The Hip Hurrah will be joining us every other week for Kitchen Revivial! Get ready for some hip new recipes, inspiration from NYC's restaurants, and cocktail concoctions for your next get together! 

Air popped Popcorn is basically the world's most perfect snack; and has two times the polyphenol (an antioxidant) than the same size serving of fruit. It also has an antioxidant that helps prevent Alzheimer's Disease, and is a whole grain. What could be better to much on than that? You can read more info on the benefits of Air-popped Popcorn on The Daily Meal

A big bag of organic kernels is $2 at Trader Joe's, and you only need to pop 1/4-1/2 cup of the kernels at a time to get enough for a sizable snack. Filling, fibrous, full of anti-oxidants, and most importantly FUN (when those bad boys started popping, my roomie and I started screaming like little girls. I had forgotten to put the lid on the pan and the popcorn started flying all over the place. in retrospect....that was probably a good thing). 

Popcorn is also so fun because the topping possibilities are endlesssss....... get some olive oil spray and fleur de sel and you have a simple, healthy little snack. Or get crazy and add some cayenne pepper, cinnamon, curry- any number of sweet or savory spices to fit your mood. I've been dying to try some lavender salt as a topping <<<<-might be to die for. 

Another great way to incorporate some popcorn into your life is adding into homemade tail mix as a filler. However, today the goal was to make mini energy balls to eat during my shift at work so my blood sugar levels don't crash and I'm not a rabid starving beast by the end. 

I made both this recipe for peanut butter balls from theKitchn and the one with sriracha. I did  a double batch  (but still only used the 1/3 cup sugar) and divided the pb caramel at the end, adding the vanilla to one half and 2 Tbs sriracha to the other. I added one whole banana to the vanilla mixture since I have been running a lot and everyone knows about the banana-running-potassium thing. I did affect the consistency, and right now they are in balls and setting in the fridge. raisins would be good too, and wont affect the consistency of the caramel. If adding raisins, I would add cinnamon (natch). Also I will note that I now have a lot of left over sriracha peanut butter caramel that I am thinking of adding to a pad thai noodle dish. 

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