Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Tutorial // Chalkboard Painted Furniture

I inherited a green distressed desk from my mom's house last week. I've been dying for a sewing table in my bedroom, but haven't gotten around to finding the perfect one. When I was working in her garden last week, I spotted it in her garage.

Mine. I made Braden drag it home, took a trip to Home Depot, and got to work. Since the green distress wasn't going to work with my grey bedroom, I found this idea on Pinterest and knew what to do to my sewing desk.

When painting furniture with chalk paint, I believe using the cans of paint rather than the spray paint lets you put a nice thick coat on instead of standing there for 2 days spraying and spraying and getting half the can on the dropcloth you put down. Not my favorite. I grabbed a can of the black paint, used a nice fat sponge brush, and put on two nice thick coats of the chalkboard paint, letting each coat dry in between. The even nicer thing is, you don't add a topcoat to seal the chalkboard paint. Now I have a nice, neutral space to load all my sewing stuff that has taken over my dining room table. Hurrah! 

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