Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Watson Abode // Our Spring Garden (and baby cantaloupes!)

I was so excited to see Kelly's tips on growing your own cantaloupes yesterday, I just had to share how our baby cantaloupe plants are doing!

We planted ours two weeks ago and they are doing so great! As usual, we got our compost from Singh Farms that we mixed into the AZ clay that was in our 6 foot long beds and we companion planted the cantaloupes with zucchini, sunflowers, oregano, and marigolds.

We also have watermelons & honeydews in the ground, and they are just creeping up. It's so exciting and I can't wait to see them flourish and spread all over!

In other garden news, we have tomatillos and tomatoes flowering, and have just gotten our first snap pea flowers coming up in a round tree bed. 

Also in the tree bed we have potatoes and petunias growing along with the snap peas that are spreading like wildfire! 

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