Monday, March 5, 2012

Garden Seeds // Octopus Agave Propagation

My latest discovery in my backyard is an exciting one!  My Octopus agave (Agave vilmoriniana) has entered the final phase of its life cycle and produced a flower stalk.  It will die after flowering, but not before producing literally hundreds of pups (bulbils) on the stalk.  These pups can be easily removed and rooted.

Once this stalk is covered in pups, I'll remove them and place in pots to share.  They are teeny!  Here are pups I received from a friend's agave over a year ago.  Upgrade to larger pots as they grow or place them directly in your landscape.

Octopus agave are fast growing succulents that fit nicely in a desert adapted landscape.  They are hardy, grow quickly and will get big - up to 4 x 5 feet so plan accordingly.   Plant in well drained, sandy soil.  Do not prune agaves as any damage to their foliage can result in an entry point for pests like the agave weevil.

If you are interested in some pups, send me an email at

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