Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kitchen Revival // Above The Cabinets

Above the kitchen cabinets. It's a hard space to fill. Cabinets to the ceiling is ideal, but most of us can't afford to get exactly what we want! I have always struggled with what to do above cabinets because in my mind I don't want to draw too much attention up there. It's not the focal point of the kitchen. There is so much that goes on in a kitchen that I never want that space to make the room look cluttered. Here are some great examples of how to decorate that area that compliments the rest of what you have going on.

Baskets! I love how they look like they have just been thrown up there. And the tone on tone quality compliments other features in the room instead of demanding your eye to focus on the baskets.
green kitchen.
via elements of style
Framed are work. It looks clean and I like it. It's a great way to fill up a larger amount of space.
above kitchen cabinet decor
via sas interiors
Or giant letter! This is fun because you can say anything and the concept could fit any decor style depending what your letters are made of. Color and pattern are endless.
above kitchen cabinets?
via the handmade home
This just might be my favorite. Wallpaper. Well done.
wallpaper above kitchen cabinets
via la maison d'anna g.
Tone on tone look again. I do love this. I like that all the color is on the counter and neutrals are above.
cute items above kitchen cabinets
via emily a. clark
I love how simple this one is but yet has a great impact.
How to arrange above kitchen cabinets via Emily A. Clark
via decor pad
I feel better already! Time to tackle all that useless space and make it pretty!

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Amy said...

It is so hard for me to decide what to put above my cabinets. Thanks for posting this. It gave me some ideas of what I can do!

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